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Putting those feelers out

Update (Monday 9 July): We’ve had some incredible people get in touch, thanks all! We’re now speaking with a couple of potential interns… more of that later. We’re also still nosing about for Windows developers. Get in touch if you fancy a project.

From the silence, you might have guessed we’re busy. So in the name of making more time to look after this here blog, we’re hunting for someone to work with us for the next two months on a couple of projects–one physical product prototype for the BBC, and one that’s our own R&D.

Doing what? We need another pair of hands on the electronics. That means breadboards, soldering and understanding vague datasheets. It also means experience coding PIC microcontrollers or Arduino boards. It may well include PCBs; we’ll see.

We’re a start-up so we can’t promise swanky office or a chair that sighs when you sit in it. But we’re also small, so there’s a lot of influence and broad experience to be had.

This is a suitable summer intership for an interaction design or electronics undergraduate based in London, over July and August, possibly a bit of September. We generally prefer to work with friends of friends, but y’know, we’re open.

If you’re interested and available, drop me a line at matt at schulze and webb dot com with what you’ve been up to and what you can do, and we’ll take it from there.

On that note:

More speculatively, we’re also after a Windows software programmer who knows their way round USB (not drivers, just chatting to peripherals), GUI, plug-in architecture and installers, for a small project. Mac too actually.

I’m willing to look at contracting companies for this project (which I estimate at two months) but – again – would prefer a friend of a friend out of university, looking for a project to start on. The project’s not complex but the code should be tight, if you know what I mean.

Drop me a line at the same address as above, and we can figure something out.

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