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Friday Links

Good morning citizens of the Internet! My quiet revolution to bring back Friday Links is limping along, inasmuch as some people always remember and some people always forget. My latest idea is maybe what we need is an animated glitter GIF? Also, maybe some confused metaphors? What if that’s what’s missing?

Glitter GIF

SO what hairballs of greatness have the cats that I work with coughed into my litter box this week?

Alex sent us an animated GIF of how a lock works. You’ve likely seen this already being the hip plugged in individuals that you are, but in case you haven’t, behold:Key GIF

If you would like to see inside a key factory (the answer is ‘YES’), there is a video for that too:

Denise went to Design of Understanding last Friday, it sounded excellent. She returned with many stories, chief among them, that of the ex-mayor of Bogota:

“Famous initiatives included hiring 420 mimes to make fun of traffic violators, because he believed Colombians were more afraid of being ridiculed than fined”


Alex shared this video about mechanical principles:

Denise shared Autographer, “the worlds first intelligent, wearable camera”, made by the amazingly named OMG PLC. (Calm down everyone, OMG stands for ‘Oxford Metrics Group’). Autographer combines a bunch of sensors and an camera to take photos at the best moments throughout the day.

Matt Jones sent an article about building moon bases using 3D printing with the materials available on the surface of the planet.

And that concludes Friday Links! Happy Friday everybody. February will be better, I promise.

Before this:

After this:

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