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Week 296

Matthew has introduced a blog rota, which means I have been handed the WordPress keys for a couple of posts! This kind of post is called a weeknote.

The best and most conspicuous thing to happen this week is the introduction of James Darling. He is awesome fruit from this month’s human harvest. He has brilliant hair and is notoriously fashionable. By the end of Monday he was committing code. He brings a great presence to the practice and I look forward greatly to seeing where he takes things. We went for some mini boozing with him and our friends from RIG in our local pub the Kings Head. It’s brilliant to have these people around.

The RIG super crew has swelled next door. I had a coffee with Russell this week, which left me excited to see what emerges from there.

Tom A is our outlying satellite, polluting the west coast with his weapons-grade thinking. He is visiting our awesome friends at Stamen for their Data and Cities conference, we await blog posts from beyond the Atlantic and daring tales of battles with data.

Jones went to Glasgow for an afternoon to tell students some facts and he has been working hard on presentations and developing a big project with a big company. Two new things have begun this week. I’m working on the early stages of project Haitsu, and Matt Brown, Alex Jarvis and James have kicked off another project whose codename I’ve forgotten. Several wheels have found traction and have begun to kick in at once. Exciting times.

Yesterday, two awesome meetings happened around our internal product development. Partners and contractors visited the studio to discuss their developments. As the meetings overlapped, design thinking venned with system development, each party peeking over the others shoulder. It’s a fantastic feeling to see hardware prototypes, circuit diagrams and software architectures spring up on whiteboards and through milling machines as we move closer to production.

All in all things are awesome.

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  • 1. paulpod said on 11 February 2011...

    Awesome. Best weeknote ever.

  • 2. tomwm said on 11 February 2011...

    Made my week better just reading it

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