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Week 280

The milling machine is buzzing away next door. It’s been dormant a long while: mainly because we needed a new bit for it. A few weeks ago we acquired said bit, and now it’s being put to use. I’ve never heard it in action since I joined Berg.

The studio sounds different this week.

There’s a different mixture of voices, for starters. Jack’s out at meetings with clients a lot right now, so his desk is quiet. Matt W’s on a well-deserved holiday until next week. Matt J is off to Barcelona tomorrow to talk at the Mobile Design Conference, as part of Barcelona Design Week. Daniel Tull started on Monday and is working with us – mainly Nick – for a few weeks on some iOS work.

New sounds on the stereo. The speakers have moved to the middle table where, at the moment, Matt B, Alex, Daniel and I sit, which means we’re often in charge of the studio’s soundtrack. Alex put on a lot of New Jack Swing this morning; a lively start to the day. (Well, I liked it).

There are new project names on everyone’s tongues: Wupatki; Havasu; Gallup. New projects bring new Dutch to the conversations about them – “Dutch” being what we call the domain-specific vernacular that projects evolve, which Matt has talked about before.

Who’s doing what right now: Alex is working on Gallup, which is looking great; I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it in the not-too-distant-future. Right now, though, I’m hacking away at a small internal brief we’re calling Havasu, which is a material exploration into a territory we’re interested in.

(I’m also writing a weeknote for the first time. I’m not quite sure if I’m doing it right).

Nick, Daniel, and Campbell are working on Wupatki; Matt J’s been dropping in and chatting with them, giving a little bit of a steer now and then; he’s just left the studio for a meeting. Kari’s been digging out some assets for Gallup, and is catching up with everyone about progress. Matt B and Andy are working on Barringer today, and are responsible for the buzz of the milling machine.

Or, rather, they were responsible for it. The milling machine has stopped.

What the studio sounds like now: Lamb on the stereo, heavy rain outside, typing conversation. Time for me to get back to my state machines.

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  • 1. Schulze said on 20 October 2010...

    Weeknotes from Tom! Liberated from the tyrannical grip of Matthew Webb!

  • 2. Kars said on 4 November 2010...

    You’re doing it right. I look forward to more on music played in the studio.

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