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The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Interaction Design

We’re making our trip to San Francisco in a few days, and speaking at Yahoo! at the end of next week. But if you’d like to catch a public variation of that same presentation, the evening rather than the matinée version if you will, read on…

Sound of Music opening scene

Adaptive Path are generously hosting us on the evening of Tuesday 30 January for a talk about:

How a new generation wants social, creative, networked products, and how design can help not by identifying tasks to be productively performed, but experiences to be deepened and made fun. All told through some of our favourite things, and a series of increasingly tenuous references to The Sound of Music.

The talk is called The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Interaction Design and, if you’re coming, you should sign up at the event page. See you there!

S&W San Francisco visit

Yes, it’s really happening this time. S&W will be speaking at Yahoo! in the TechDev Speaker Series on Friday 2 February. That means talking about the future of products, media, web apps, and what-not with some brilliant people… and hanging out in California too.

San Francisco satellite view

We’ll be in town for a week! Jack and I are in San Francisco from 24 January, available for meetings from Thursday 25 January through Wednesday 31.

Fancy meeting up?

Here’s what I said before:

I’m happy to do re-runs of previous presentations, or discuss previous work (read our work page for both), and Jack has a good line in maps and graphics that isn’t online yet.

We’re especially curious to speak with folks in product and interaction design, toy companies, physical computing, and R&D in consumer technology hardware and software. Oh, internet/mobile companies too who have interesting social, interaction or interface challenges–but you knew we’d be up for that (read more about our specialities).

So if you’d like to meet up to share ideas, or explore how we could work together in user experience, creative development, or near-term product R&D, please do get in touch.

(Isn’t that a great image? It’s from the NASA Earth Observatory, found via an extremely apt comparison of San Francisco and Sim City.)

XTech 2007, call for participation

XTech, the European web technologies conference, has picked The Ubiquitous Web as its 2007 theme:

As the web reaches further into our lives, we will consider the increasing ubiquity of connectivity, what it means for real world objects to be part of the web, and the increasing blurring of the lines between virtual worlds and our own.

The call for participation is now open; topics we find especially interesting are mobile devices, RFID, user interface, web apps, and of course where this is all going.

Alongside Adam Greenfield of Everyware and Gavin Starks of Global Cool, S&W will be keynoting. See you there!

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