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Matt Brown speaking at HD-Live, Hull, November 4th

Matt B. will be giving a talk about his work at BERG and beyond (and maybe even taking some sock puppets) at HD-Live in Hull, alongside Ben Hammersley and Brendan Dawes amongst others. Here’s the event on Lanyrd.

Matt Jones speaking at Barcelona Design Week, October 21st, Barcelona

I’ll be at the Mobile Design Congress event as part of Barcelona Design Week.

The theme is “Designing for the Networked City” and I’m excited that I’ll be there with two of my favourite geniuses Usman Haque (again!) and Kevin Slavin. Really looking forward to this – thanks to Rudy De Waele for the invite.

Matt Jones speaking at PSFK Conference, September 10th, London

Time to list a few upcoming talks various members of the studio will be giving… Firstly, I’ll be giving a short talk alongside Usman Haque, Dan Hon and others on September 10th, at the PSFK London Conference.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to say yet, but I think it will include some nice videos, some dodgy microbiological metaphors and some thinking about product…

This also gives me a chance to plug Natalie Downe and Simon Willison‘s new service, a social-network for compulsive conference goers called

Matt Jones speaking at Re:Think, June 2nd, Liverpool School of Art

I’ve been invited to speak on a product-design panel with the theme of “Display”, alongside Martin Blum of Black-Blum, Miles Hawley + Diane Fox-Hill of 1HQ
and Matthew Cockerill of SeymourPowell.

Re:Think event at LJMU Design Faculty, Liverpool, June 2nd 2010

The talk is at the Liverpool School of Art, 5.30pm-7pm on June 2nd, and it’s free. You can book tickets here – hope to see you there!

Matt Jones speaking at Conference TechnoArk 2010, January 29th, Sierre, Switzerland

Laurent Haug writes at Lift Blog

Former Lift speakers Matt Jones and Fabien Girardin will be back in Switzerland in 10 days to speak at the Conférence TechnoArk 2010 Nicolas Nova and I prepared for the The Ark Foundation.

The topic for the day will be “The New Digital Spaces”, and we will welcome 13 speakers from Switzerland, UK and France for a day of presentations and workshops.

Looking forward to it, and hopefully I’ll be able to develop some of the themes discussed last week at the Microsoft Research Symposium on ” The city as platform”.

Matt Jones speaking at CAT event, November 19th, London

I’ll be giving a short talk about the work of our studio – focussing on what we call “Immaterials” – at the CAT London event next Thursday, 19th November.

Friends-Of-BERG Adam Greenfield, Kevin Slavin and Iain Tait will be prognosticating also, so it promises to be a fine day of futurity and fun.

Hope to see some of you there.

Jack Schulze at Ad-Age IDEA conference, November 12th, New York City

Just a quick note to say that Jack is in NYC today speaking at the IDEA conference.

It’s an amazing line-up, where he’ll be presenting BERG’s work alongside Paola Antonelli of MOMA, Perry Chen of Kickstarter, David Chang of Momofuku restaurants and… Kid Sister! Hopefully he will remember get her autograph for me.

Matt Jones at Design by Fire conference, October 20th, Utrecht

I’m really looking forward to heading to Utrecht in October to participate in the 2009 Design by Fire conference, as apart of what looks like a fine programme ranging from the very practical to, well, me.

Here’s the pitch for my talk from the site:

Closing keynote: “We have all the time in the world”

People, places, time. The triumvirate of factors at play in mobile, social, locative services might be familiar at the surface level to designers and developers.

Our relationships to each other, the cities and places we inhabit and navigate have been transformed in the last few years by the technology, products and services that we have designed — but what about that last one of the three — time?

Using examples from the development of and other services — alongside historical and science-fictional perspectives — Matt will explore what we might call “neochronometry” and illustrate some directions we could take as interaction designers to treat time as a material.

Hope to see you there!

Matt Webb at Web Directions South, October 6-9 in Sydney

I’m super pleased to have been invited to give the opening keynote at Web Directions South in Sydney at the beginning of October.

In 2008, I closed Web Directions North in Vancouver with Movement, on designing flow into the Web, and making applications in which action creates action. It was one of my favourite conferences.

This year I’m presenting Escalante:

The long run to the turn of the millennium got us preoccupied with conclusions. The Internet is finally taken for granted. The iPhone is finally ubiquitous computing come true. Let’s think not of ends, but dawns: it’s not that we’re on the home straight of ubicomp, but the beginning of a century of smart matter. It’s not about fixing the Web, but making a springboard for new economies, new ways of creating, and new cultures.

The 21st century is a participatory culture, not a consumerist one. What does it mean when small teams can be responsible for world-size effects, on the same playing field as major corporations and government? We can look at the Web – breaking down publishing and consuming from day zero – for where we might be heading in a world bigger than we can really see, and we can look at design – playful and rational all at once – to help us figure out what to do when we get there.

You may recognise the themes from Scope which opened reboot11 (catch the video here) in which I spoke about the personal roots of the invention of culture… and also about million mile tomatoes, JFK, and the Moon.

I’ll build on these topics at Web Directions. The leverage small groups have now to invent and participate in culture is wonderful, and the Web is at the very front of that. We’re at the beginning of a complex, remarkable world of exciting possibilities and responsibilities both. I want to look up and take in those wide blue skies.

It’s also my first trip to Australia, so recommendations of things to do and people to see are much appreciated. I think I’ll be able to extend my trip to about a week after the conference itself, but let’s see what happens. It should be ace, and I hope to see you there.

Matt Webb at UX Week, September 15-18 in San Francisco

I’m excited to be opening the final day of UX Week 2009 with an exploration of what we can learn from the Web about smart products.

Smart products bring their own design challenges. Internet-connected devices and plastic filled with electronics behave in unexpected ways: what does it means for a physical thing to side-load its behaviour, or for a toy to have its own presence in your social network? What we’ve learned about user experience on the Web is a great place to start: social software, adaptation, designing for action creating action — these are principles familiar on the Web, and still valuable when design is not on the screen but in your hands.

We’ve learned a lot in the recent couple years about designing when there are a lot of moving parts: software, plastic, mechanics, embedded electronics, multiple teams and languages, standards, component costs, fulfilment… it’s a lot to put together and still retain a focus on user experience, and user adaptation. There’s no single project where we’ve got it all right — but there are a load of lessons, and I want to share some of them.

The talk is called Design is in your hands.

I’m in town 17—20 September, so if you’re at UX Week or in San Francisco the day after, let’s hang out.

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