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Week Links


1. Ice Cube on the Eameses:

2. A comprehensive list of cute robots

3. Animals talking in caps

4. Good Gifs

5. A Tube app / Alarm clock


6. ‘Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time’

7. ‘Thatcherism As Tragedy Then Farce’

8. ‘The Tao of Zookeeper’

9. Light-dancing

10. Soft-Maps

11. And more soft maps

12. Two-screen gaming

13. Drawing composed of 3.2million ink dots

14. James Bridle ‘Waving at machines’

15. Kickstarter from IBM chief scientist celebrates history of computing

16. World’s tallest man saves dolphin

17. Triggertrap is an open-source, Arduino-based universal camera trigger.

18. Sony projection mapping

19. Follow up to “Android graphics true facts”, or The Reason Android is Laggy

20. George Clooney’s private satellites,8599,2101425,00.html

21. The Draganflyer X4

22. Founder of Mint closes project on alternative urban transport


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