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Destination: Botworld!

Last week saw the first of a series of talks on robots, artificial-intelligence and design at London’s Royal Institution, curated by Ben Hammersley. Our friend Alex Deschamps-Sonsino presented the work of the EU-funded LIREC project in a talk called ‘Emotional Robots’.

I took a bunch of notes which were reactions rather than a recording, and my thoughts will hopefully bubble up here soon…

My notes from Alex D-S's 'Emotional Robots' talk at the RI

However, I hardly have time to collect my thoughts – because this week (Wednesday 16th) it’s m’colleague Matt Webb speaking – giving a talk entitled “Botworld: Designing for the new world of domestic A.I.”.

If the conversations we’ve had about it are any guide, it should be a corker. There are still tickets available, so hopefully we’ll see you there on Wednesday and for a bot-fuelled beer in the RI bar afterward.

Before this:

After this:

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