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Simon – a much overdue welcome

There’s one person in the studio who hasn’t had a welcome post on the blog, and that’s Simon.

So let’s pretend it’s still the beginning of June: I am super pleased to announce that we have been joined by Simon Pearson!

Simon, aged 27 and three quarters

We’ve never had a dedicated person to run projects before and honestly, nobody in the studio knew what to expect. How would it work? Would it help? Would we get on?

Simon couldn’t be a better fit. On his first day, he brought Haribo in for everyone, and we’re total suckers for that. And at home he’s plumbing electronics into a piano to make light from music, and that’s just brilliant.

Part of his remit at work is to invent a kind of “BERG way” to run projects. Over the last two months he’s been doing that, growing gradually into managing pretty much every project and coaching the rest of us on how to do projects better, and become generally and happily indispensable. I genuinely can’t remember him not being here, which is a sign of how much he’s become part of the studio.

Hello Simon!

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After this:

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