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SVK is go for launch

SVK cover

We’ve been working on making a comic with Warren Ellis and Matt Brooker.

Today we’re super pleased to announce it’s available, and the store is now open at


It’s something we’ve really enjoyed bringing into the world – and we hope you enjoy it too.

“I thoroughly enjoyed SVK, which either in spite or because of its concision is somehow Dickensian, and while quite thoroughly dark, is also quite touching. Memorable. And couldn’t be done as well, or even be born, in any other medium at all” – William Gibson, author of Zero History, Spook Country, Neuromancer etc., in his foreword for SVK.




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  • 1. Owen said on 5 July 2011...

    Seems like a great project but I am curious for £13 how many pages would I get? I can’t seem to find out how long the actual story is anywhere.

  • 2. Anon said on 6 July 2011...

    According to this article, it’s 40 pages…

  • 3. Peter said on 6 July 2011...

    Love this.

    I’ve been wondering myself if there was a way to animate comics by using an smartphone as a viewer. You could embed tracer objects with the comic frames and the phone would track movement, perhaps even play sound effects and dictate the dialogue.

  • 4. Owen said on 6 July 2011...

    Thanks Anon, caught that myself after some more browsing, appreciate the response.

  • 5. oRhal said on 13 July 2011...

    I just read it… It’s HUGE. Congratulations and thank you!

  • Trackback: Week 7 « Timothy Legion 25 July 2011

    […] SVK is a comic written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Matt Brooker (D’Israeli), shipped with a special light device made by the BERG which reveals hidden ink messages built into the comic. A story about surveillance and tapping into people’s thoughts, it’s really a nice outing from everyone involved. It’s far from a perfect, or ground breaking, addition to the medium, but it’s a very nice piece of work that does effectively make people think of something different. That a comic doesn’t have to just be a linear pile of paper. There’s other, stranger things to do with the medium, and Ellis and the BERG have proved that, if only by scratching the surface. […]

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