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Welcome Denise

Denise Wilton
^ Denise Wilton by matlock, on Flickr

I’m so happy that Denise is joining the studio as Creative Director.

She’s been one of my favourite designers for such a long time, and has incredible instincts for product strategy and voice, service design and user interface across both digital and physical domains.

Her understanding of community and systems to support them from her time at both and is second-to-none. The depth of craft and care she brings to work is awesome.

She’s also a lovely illustrator, for instance this treatise on robotics:


I think we first met through Cal Henderson and Tom Coates who were working with her at Emap way back when, but – I got to work with her and really understand what an incredible designer she is back in 2005, when she help me design and illustrated a game/toy I was making as part of my research into ‘Play’ at Nokia Insight & Foresight, with Tom Hume and our friends at Future Platforms.

Twitchr: Most viewed snaps

Twitchr was defined by Denise’s beautiful work and art direction. Her dedication to detail she displayed on its design and the playfulness she pours into every one of those details is something I can’t wait to see her bring to our work at BERG.

Icon in computer break out shock

Welcome onboard, Denise!

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  • 1. George Oates said on 24 March 2011...

    Wahoo!!!! This is most excellent news! And about time!

  • 2. JamesB said on 24 March 2011...

    Brilliant! I’ve long admired Denise’s work.

  • 3. Fraser Pearce said on 25 March 2011...

    A superb addition! I’m not sure who to congratulate more – Berg or Denise. Both I guess!

  • 4. Simon G said on 28 March 2011...

    Congratulations to Denise and to BERG.
    I think all that is left to say is… Yay!

  • 5. Dan said on 8 April 2011...

    A-ha! Very good.

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