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Week 301

It’s my turn on the blog rota this week, which means I get to do weeknotes!

We usually start our Tuesday 10am weekly standup with both a) theme music (this week was Hoyt Curtin‘s rousing theme music for “Battle Of The Planets”) and b) a fact about the week number.

301 is:

…the sum of three consecutive primes (97 + 101 + 103), happy number in base 10, and a HTTP status code, indicating the content has been moved and the change is permanent (permanent redirect).

This week, we are both a happy number – but also going through some permanent change.

Week 301

It’s Tom’s last week with us before he heads to the golden lands of games design, and we’re going to be sending him off in style at the end of it.

For now though, BERG Employee #1 is documenting all of the awesome work he’s done in the last two years and change. He’s also working on the website and e-commerce system for SVK, and setting up some maintenance dashboards behind the scenes for Schooloscope.

Matt Brown is cranking on Barringer. As we garner more knowledge about how we’re going to make it, that’s leading us into more confident exploration of its aesthetics.

Matt’s been pulling together beautiful moodboards, references, material samples and examples under the umbrella of what he calls “New British Modern“.

I’ll bet we’ll be talking more about “NBM” here soon. The voice and surface of the product is almost there – it’s tantalising. He’s also working to support Alex on Dimensions2 and SVK this week.

Alex is wrangling ad production for SVK, and working hard on getting the interaction design and visual direction of Dimensions2 together for an end-to-end demo for tomorrow at a client workshop.

Dimensions2 is a slightly different beast to the original “” prototype – and it’s revealing nice new corners and opportunities as Alex gets deeper into the detail of both the visuals and the cracking bits of code-sketching that James is doing alongside him.

James is also creating some more end-to-end demos in code for Weminuche this week. Looking forward to Friday Demos on that one.

Jack has a bunch of meetings with potential new clients, but his studio time is divided between work with Timo bringing Haitsu home, and sketching with me and Timo on work for a new project: Chaco.

Which means, wonderfully – that Timo is in the studio with us this week!

Andy is busy with supplier meetings and research on Barringer. Nick is consulting on Chaco, Haitsu and working with James on Barringer. Matt W. is talking with accountants about R&D and lawyers about IP – as well as attending various new business meetings with Jack and myself. Kari is keeping the machinery of the studio going with process, prodding and peerless music selections.

I’m helping out with Dimensions2, SVK, going to a few meetings and typing – always typing… But – very excited about starting to sketch a little on Chaco. It’s in the very early stages but it involves working again with a favourite immaterial of mine – SpaceTime…

There. I think that’s everything! Busy times.

The content has been moved and the change is permanent. 301.

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