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I’m very enamoured of Cadbury’s “Spots Vs Stripes” chocolate bars.

Spots Vs Stripes

There’s all sorts of adverts around London, covering every bus-stop, little loops on urban-screens, giving them a big push – and a fancy website full of the latest social-casual-game-flash-o-rama. But, the purity and brilliance of the chocolate bar itself is what really stands out.

You unwrap it (carefully… this was a bit of a point-of-failure with my first one…) and you discover three chunks of chocolate: one with spots on it, one with stripes on – and one labelled ‘winner’.

Spots Vs Stripes

Inside the wrapper is a challenge – to share with a friend – each of you adopting the side of spots or stripes. The winner, naturally gets the ‘winner’ chunk at the end.


To see play and small-group-sharing designed into something everyday like this is inspirational. Amusingly, Cadburys appear to have been awarded the role of ‘Official Treat Provider’ by the London 2010 Olympics.

Spots Vs Stripes

The treat of Spots Vs Stripes is the play it affords, as much as the chocolate…

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  • 1. Frankie Roberto said on 7 September 2010...

    Images broke…

  • 2. Matt Jones said on 7 September 2010...

    should be fixed now – tried editing the images with piknik on flickr after I posted them, turns out it breaks them…

  • 3. Spots v Stripes said on 7 September 2010...

    Very glad to hear you love the Challenge Bars – they’re just one part of our Spots v Stripes mission to get the nation playing more games… watch this space!

  • 4. Terko said on 14 September 2010...

    Play more games, or consume more high fructose corn syrup?

  • 5. Anna Faherty said on 18 November 2010...

    I love the idea of a ‘treat’ that offers you some gameplay as well as an inbuilt sugary reward, but until I read your post I had no idea that’s what the Spots v Stripes ‘Challenge’ bar was. Cadbury, you should market it better to show the experience and interaction your choccie bar delivers! I’ll certainly buy one the next time I’m in a sweetie shop.

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