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People are walking architecture, or making NearlyNets with MujiComp

It’s taken me a while to get the notes cleaned-up and post this, a talk from January this year that I gave over in Sierre, Switzerland at their TechnoArk event. Thanks very much to Nicholas Nova and Laurent Haug of LiftLabs for their kind invitation.

I’ve been keen to post it as it’s a pile of ‘beginnings’, rather than a self-contained thought.

It’s a bunch of thinking about how designers (and BERG in particular) might start thinking through making products for ‘smart cities’ (as they’re known for good and for ill) including the qualities that these products should possess in order for them to be invited into people’s homes – something we’ve started calling ‘mujicomp’ as shorthand in the studio.

Also it talks a little bit about how the aggregation and combination of smart, connected products could build into bottom-up infrastructures rather than giant top-down municipal approaches to augmenting cities with technology.

It draws on themes from my ‘Demon-Haunted World’ talk at Webstock, from 2009, but also it entangles some thinking from the MSR Social Computing Summit I attended back in January.

Specifically, looking at doorways and thresholds as rich places to investigate with products and services – something which at the summit we called with-tongue-firmly-in-cheek ‘Porch-Computing’

People Are Walking Architecture, or making NearlyNets with MujiComp, January 2010

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