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Week 251

El Morro launches in a few hours, so in a minute I’ll be writing an intro blog post to go along with the publicity. I got the pre-launch shakes last night. It’s the best feeling.

We had a delayed All Hands on Thursday, because on Tuesday so many people were out: Matt J, Matt B and Tom were at a workshop for Trumbull; Jack and Campbell were shooting video with Timo.

I spent a few minutes at the end of the All Hands speaking about the shape of the studio over the summer. It’s exciting. A race! And the right team for it. But there’s a lot that’s uncertain and a lot that has to click together all at once. We’re timeline-ing, proposal-ing, and travelling (Jack, Matt and I, for a few days next week) to make that happen.

Now I’m going to find some socks so I can put on some shoes, leave the house and buy some milk, so I can make some tea, so I can settle down and write this launch post.

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