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Everting A.R. and changing the city with light: the work of ANTIVJ

Matt Webb and myself were down in Bristol on Friday, for the last of our initial workshops kicking off a project named Trumbull.

During the afternoon, we had a bit of a treat, as we shared the workshop with a couple of the guys from ANTIVJ, who self-describe as a ‘video label’.

The work they showed was literally fantastic.

They map the surfaces of buildings precisely, and craft their projections accordingly, in order to then create amazing performances with light and sound – hinting perhaps at an augmented reality everted from the screen and onto the city as 21stC trompe l’oeil*.

Entrancing stuff, but my mind was really blown about 3mins 50seconds in…

AntiVJ & Crea Composite: Nuit Blanche Bruxelles from AntiVJ on Vimeo.

* c.f. our colleague Timo Arnall’s speculations on “everted A.R.”

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  • 1. Tom Hume said on 24 January 2010...

    Also check out – who operate in a similar area, but do live, reactive installations…

  • 2. haveacupoftea said on 25 January 2010...

    In a similar fashion, there’s also the aptly named artists/designers/architects German company URBANSCREEN who had some internet airtime last year with the very impressive : 555 KUBIK – ‘how it would be, if a house was dreaming’.

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