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The New Negroponte Switch

…is the title of a talk I gave at Frontiers of Interaction V in Rome yesterday, primarily about the territory of “the Internet of Things” moving from one of academic and technological investigation to one of commercial design practice, and what that might mean for designers working therein.

It mentions a few of Schulze&Webb’s projects along the way, but really it’s trying to continue a conversation that Matt Webb started in his talks “Products are people too” and “From Pixels to Plastic” about the evolution of product in the era of the web.

It was a short talk, that perhaps asked more questions than it answered, so I fully expect to return to this subject in the near-future here on Pulse Laser or perhaps at future events…

Finally, thanks very much to Leander, Matteo and the Frontiers team for the invitation and hospitality!

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  • 1. Mike said on 10 June 2009...

    Great presentation Matt and thank you for sharing. The Incidental case study is brilliant.

  • 2. Karl - Science Citizen said on 10 June 2009...

    Loved the presentation and the concept – social networking is embedded so far into our way of life half the time we don’t even know it. Love your paper based Doppler products and the walking maps.

  • 3. Michael E Driscoll said on 11 June 2009...

    A beautiful muse – love the idea of ZipCar as a dematerialization of car ownership into a service.

    Our lives are embedded in this expanding information tapestry – and it’s time for some of the physical things to embed themselves in this tapestry too. And vice-versa, for some denizens of the digital world to persist into our physical spaces.

    Information should live near the things it describes — phone numbers inside a phone.

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