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Genuine outbreaks of the future

…is a phrase employed by Warren Ellis, via the fictional character of Tony Stark/Iron-Man to describe the vigor-restoring shock of the new that we all need occasionally.

This year’s Etech conference looks like it will be a veritable spa of such treatments, at least, I certainly hope it will be. S&W have particpated in Etech many times in the past, but – happily – we have been involved in curating it this year – with myself (Advisor to S&W) and Matt Webb having participated in the programme committee.

We’re both really happy with how it’s shaped up, both in terms of the themes and the people coming along to present – with plenty on past/current/future Pulse Laser topics of augmented cities, materials, “pixels-to-plastic” rapid prototyping and maufacturing as well as things we know nothing about but are fascinated by the possibilities of, such as Synthetic Biology.

In tight times, we need to make sure the credit crunch is not accompanied by a “future crunch”. Ingenuity and ideas – genuine outbreaks of the future are what’s needed more than ever. If you can make it to Etech this year, I’m pretty sure that’s what we’ll get.

Early registration discount ends today… after which the price goes up by $300 – but if you use the code “et09gpcc” when you register you’ll continue to get 10% off the cost.


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