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Sunday links

Soon, we’ll get back to managing to publishing Friday links on Friday – but for now it’s Sunday night and I’ve got time to round up interesting things that flew around our studio mailing list this week.

First of all a bit of a meta-point… Often things will be sent to the list with the prefix ‘X-Watch’ where X is a preoccupation of the studio. James decided to run a script across his mail to see what the most popular ‘watches’ were…

  • 12 Parallax
  • 4 Product page
  • 2 Music Video
  • 2 Printer
  • 1 Injection Moulding
  • 1 Baby
  • 1 Bridge
  • 1 Things on dogs
  • 1 Kickstarter
  • 1 weird skeumorphotablet
  • 1 Car software
  • 1 incidental media

What that tells you about us I don’t know…

Anyway. Onwards.

Our friends at RIG have been working on making jeans a bit more spime-y with Hiut Denim.

Joe found these lovely animations forming a children’s guide to critical thinking.

We discovered this amazing photograph from the ISS via Gavin Starks on Twitter

Nick and Matt Webb both pointed out this kinect-hacked shopping trolley companion species. Nick suggested that we should forget our ongoing search for a studio dog, and get this as a pet.

I think I’ll keep looking for a suitable pooch for us…

CoffeePhysics from Andy, and a car interiors tumblr from Alex, via ex-BERGler Tom Armitage.

The recent rash of babies from BERG might explain why this made the list… “…the first ever wireless, biosensor baby pajama.” [sic] Don’t worry. We restrained ourselves from wiring up Kari’s newly-arrived little boy with some arduinos when he made his inaugural visit to the studio this week.

MW liked this illustration of a speech-jamming gun a lot:

The new Nike store thats opening in a shipping container near us looks like it has a lot of interactive elements, some of which will hopefully be the human staff, but y’know.

Alex found this collection of googly-eye-enhanced bits of the planet, but he also found what I think was my favourite thing I saw on the list this week – an absolutely wonderful bit of manga illustration by Yusuke Murata, that uses the physicality of paper and folding to amazing optical effect.


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