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Light Painting with an HTC Desire

Janine Pauke has been emulating the light-painting technique we used in Making Future Magic. Instead of an iPad, she’s been using her mobile phone, and slicing her own 3D models up.

We found her pictures on Flickr yesterday and were delighted.

Her results are just lovely. A small, neon spaceship flies through a house; the otherworldly glow of the phone’s screen is juxtaposed with the warm tungsten bulbs of the everyday world.

And, of course, by painting in the world, you capture all the details of the world in the background. A bemused cat by the stairs; the bright lights above a stove; a blurry arm, dragging the phone through the air.

It’s great to see someone else using the technique so effectively. Beautiful pictures, Janine!

All photographs © Janine Pauke.

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  • 1. Diaghe said on 12 October 2010...

    wow that does work really well. hmm this is making me have a desire to actually work in 3D now..

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