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Hello, Ojito!

Hello, Ojito!
Ojito is the name of a new 3d viewing toy we’re making. We took the first prototypes to FooCamp recently, and it got a great reception – but more importantly we got great feedback. Thanks to all!

We’ll be talking more about Ojito in the extremely-near-future, but for now here’s the logo and our mascot for the project. As Matt Webb found out on our trip, “Ojito” means “Little Eye” in Portuguese, which inspired me to create this little fella.

Hello, Ojito!

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  • 1. Bernardo said on 11 September 2009...

    “Ojito” is probably “little eye” in Spanish (not sure, my spanish is so-so). “Little eye” in Portuguese would be “Olhinho”.

  • 2. Andrew said on 11 September 2009...

    I love this logo, except for the feet, which look kind of clip-arty and identical, as opposed to the sketchier wing.

  • 3. Trevor F. Smith said on 12 September 2009...

    Full text RSS feed, please.

  • 4. robertogreco said on 12 September 2009...

    Very nice. But how about using that wing to pull on the lower eyelid? Let me explain:

    With the first mention of Ojito this is what came to mind: in Argentina “Ojo” or “Ojo, eh” or “Ojito” or “Ojito, eh” or “Ojito, ojito” is the verbal equivalent/accompaniment to and name for the gestural warning to be careful about what you’re doing, you know, ‘to watch your step.’ Here’s Maradona giving the warning. And ex-Presidente Nestor Kirchner (see photo in sidebar) and referee Gabriel Favale.

    Of course, this is all really Italian where the meaning expands a little. I know at least one of you at BERG loves Bruno Munari. See his classic Supplemento al dizionario italiano (‘ojito’ image at that link):

    “L’indice si appoggia alla palpebra inferiore e la tira leggermente verso il basso. Il gesto vuol dire: ho capito, siamo d’accordo, sta attento.”

    Sidenote: At the same link you’ll see that Barbara Kruger appropriated that specific image from Munari’s book.

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