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Friday Links

Welcome to Friday Links. Today I am going to provide the links with wild assertions about what bigger categories of BERG interest they fit in.

Internet of Things Meta Watch

As the concept of Internet of Things continues to seep into more people’s brains (A waiting list of 57 for the next IoTLDN, with Matt Webb speaking!), naturally, the common patterns get pulled out and satirised. does this well.

Music Hacking Watch

It’s been great to see Music Hack Days move from purely data driven (eg listening data) hacks to more artistic ones. My favourite meeting of the two so far has to be The Infinite JukeBox

Influencing Culture Watch

“Design is about cultural invention” is, to me, one of Jack’s founding principals of BERG. So you can imagine how excited we were to see that the new Avengers comic has Tony Stark owning a device that sounds awfully like a Little Printer.

Browser War Watch

As someone who wasn’t ‘in the business’ during the first browser wars, I’m more used to years of IE6 apathy. So watching the new browser war unfold, with adverts everywhere, very odd. But accompanying it is the commissioning of some great HTML experiments. Like Chrome Experiment’s ‘Stars’, this weeks example.

Infrastructure Hacking Watch

Any time I see a bit of software toying with massive infrastructure, I get tingles. This week’s tingle supplied by Randomized Consumerism.

Atom Watch

Shipping atoms is hard. Whilst I sat in my tower of software, watching the hardware being developed for Little Printer was a very eye opening experience. I hold a new reverence for atoms. Read about Jawbone’s process of developing Up to get a little bit of this.

3D Printing Watch

3D Printing. Proper good 3D printing.

Software Defined Radio Watch

Software Defined Radio is something that seems to rapidly moving from hobbyists to something that could be quite game changing for many products. See it’s first strides here .

‘Plussing’ Watch

We’re a big fan of Walt Disney’s ‘plussing’. So we admire this.

Toys with AI Watch

Speaking of Walt Disney… loosely… there’s a new company making some promising looking AI toys.

Have a great weekend.

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