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Our practice Little Printer Hack Day

As Little Printer gets closer to launch, we’re figuring out how to best work with publishers — not just creating the simplest possible way to get content on LP, but also how to share design tips and work closely to invent the handiest, most delightful publications.

So to learn, we asked a couple dozen of our smartest – and most forgiving – friends to the BERG studio for a practice Little Printer Hack Day. (A Hack Day is a day spent with a load of people all coding side-by-side to make and show off neat ideas.)

It was hugely energising. Lots of pizza, beer, and demos of the publications everyone made.

Alice organised, and did a fantastic job! It was fun, super creative, and we received incredibly valuable feedback and ideas on the technical method of integrating with Little Printer, and more generally on the usage and service.

I got my hands dirty too, and I’ve not coded for ages. The publication I made wasn’t as pretty as the other dozen or so demos, but hey it’s me writing this blog post so I get to show what I made:

Alice has a write-up of Little Printer Hack Day — go read it!

And just to say: Now we have a better idea what we’re doing, we’re keen on having more events like this soon. Thank you Alice, and thank you everyone who was able to come!

Before this:

After this:

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  • 1. Scott said on 3 August 2012...

    Great, but you’ve missed an opportunity tho. Me and many others out there would just love to be able to print receipts and short docs that could be created on our phone and passed to customers, friends, boss etc.

  • 2. Andrea said on 15 August 2012...

    I agree with Scott! If I understood it’s possible to print text messages but it would be wonderful if you can also print docs or similar things!!! Why not?


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