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Here & There in MoMA’s permanent collection

Back in 2009, BERG created Here & There — a horizonless projection of Manhattan, and a new kind of city map that let you see simultaneously where you are and where you’re going. (The art prints are not currently on sale, and we’re not currently planning a reprint.)


Last year, the uptown and downtown maps were included in Talk to Me, an exhibit at MoMA – the Museum of Modern Art in New York – about design, things, technology and people, alongside some incredible peers and inspirational design work. (Read about Here & There on the Talk to Me website.)

(Here & There at Talk to Me, photo by Fiona Romeo.)

Last week, our Here & There maps became the latest addition to the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

I feel privileged and proud that our maps of Manhattan now have a permanent home in New York and at MoMA!

Many thanks to MoMA’s Acquisition Committee, and huge congratulations to the team: Jack Schulze, James King, and Campbell Orme.

If you’d like to read more, our previous blog posts about Here & There dig into the appearances and design influences of the project.

(A thought… we’ve been wondering about Here & There for other cities, perhaps as public display and taking the concept in new directions. It would have to be in partnership with a brand, so if you have any ideas then do get in touch:

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  • 1. marc said on 21 February 2012...

    Congratulations to you; does that mean my copies are now more valuable? Clearly, this isn’t important, but I was just watching Antiques Roadshow…

  • 2. Jaime Scatena said on 21 February 2012...

    Congratulations to all of you on Berg team for such an achievement!

  • 3. Ciaran McCabe said on 22 February 2012...

    Congratulations! What an achievement, joining such an extraordinary collection.

  • 4. Emanuel said on 22 February 2012...


    Is there a chance of a reprint? I’d love to buy a copy!


  • 5. Adam said on 17 March 2012...

    If you do put it back up on sale, how do I know?

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