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Update: We’ve had a bunch of great responses! We’re no longer looking to meet folks through this route — keep an eye on the blog for future vacancies and more formal hiring. Thanks! -Matt.

So, we’ve got a few projects coming up, and I’d like to expand our network of awesome collaborators.

We’re a little studio — there are only 13 of us permanent, plus a handful of totally excellent regulars. We’re always busy, researching and developing media and tech for a wide variety of companies. And we work on our own stuff too.

There are a handful of roles that I’d like to find folks for, probably as contractors. I’m not going to write up these as full job specs yet, because it’s still early days. This is a gentle testing of the waters, and I won’t treat it like a full skills screen/interview/etc process. If we meet and hit it off, brilliant, we’ll make some magic. Otherwise I’ll put out a more formal call in a month or so!

Given all of that… if any of these gigs sounds like you, drop a note + your CV to, and we’ll sort out a coffee if it looks like we have a match.

Those gigs:

  • Book-keeper: 1-2 days/week. We’re looking for an assistant to Kari, our studio manager. As part of her job, she runs payroll, does the book-keeping, receives and pays invoices, run VAT returns, and provides information to our accountants at year-end. Kari has written an operations manual on how our book-keeping works, and the position will start with shadowing her for a month or more. This will be an ongoing, part-time role, ideally kicking off before the end of the year. Experience with Xero (our accounts software) highly desirable.
  • Designer-coder(s) au fait with openFrameworks (we’ll be looking at public code contributions), projection mapping, and live video manipulation, for a project or two beginning later this year. Experience in computer vision is a plus, as is the ability to blog publicly about work. The project definitions will start off pretty loose — we’re looking for collaborators to work with the software and ideas we’ll have already developed, and find and show off new possibilities. We’re looking at starting very early in 2012 for this, maybe earlier, and would like to start meeting people now.
  • A developer highly skilled with 3D and manipulating 3D models, large polygon counts, and graphics. Additional skills: making beautiful visual output; tight code for future mobile output. The first iteration is a clearly defined project, for delivery before the end of the year for an internal prototype. This would be a contracting position, starting as soon is practical.
  • Producer with experience working with specialists in interaction design; product design; short-run manufacture; electronics; software development. We’re increasingly getting projects that run from experimental prototyping to speculative short-run manufacture of physical products with screens and electronics. While we have project management and hardware producer/R&D skills, in the long-term I’d like to expand the team, and so this is a good opportunity to work with a new contractor producer dedicated to a single project. Great communication is a must: this is a client-facing role, and being able to define and demystify roadmaps will be a big part of it. So a background in prototyping and/or embedded software would be very useful. I reckon this a 50% role for 3-6 months, and will likely involve a little travelling. It starts as soon as we meet the right person.

All roles are based out of our East London studio — we’re not quite big enough for remote working. No guarantee that we’ll actually take anyone on at this point. It’s all contingent on finding the right brilliant person!

Anyway, drop info@ a note if any of these gigs resonate.

Thanks, and please feel free to pass this on!

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