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Shutters down for Schooloscope

Some sad news today: over the next few weeks, we’ll be shuttering Schooloscope, and wrapping up our journey into UK schools.

There’s more detail on the Schooloscope blog — but for here, I wanted a shout out of thanks for the team: our friends at 4iP, our collaborators and folks we’ve met along the way, everyone at BERG, and especially Kari, Tom Armitage and Matt Brown (Tom and Matt have since moved on) – because I believe it’s a wonderful site, something I deeply believe is needed – and thank you all for being with us on this journey.

Before this:

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  • 1. Peter said on 16 August 2011...

    fantastic website. Maybe just slightly ahead of time for general public – in the same way as Google PowerMeter, Microsoft Hohm or Google Health. But definitely step in the right direction. Are you going to keep off-line version of it?

  • 2. Mushon said on 9 May 2012...

    Despite its problems, Schooloscope was a very inspiring project. Though it makes sense to take it down if you cannot confirm steady data updates, I do think its a shame there is no video documentation left to tell its story. You really excelled in turning data into story and Schooloscope should still function as a relevant design reference even if it’s take off the air.

    Please please document and upload a video of the work, it is just too inspiring to simply vanish without a trace.

  • 3. aidan said on 16 December 2012...

    I second Mushon’s comment, it’s a shame there’s no record of how you guys chose to portray each of the well chosen parameters and I remember it being phenomenal!

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