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Hiring developers!

I’m currently looking for two developers for some iPhone work, and my usual networks have run dry. Here’s who I’m after:

iPhone developer. Great knowledge of iPhone APIs and developing. There’s a lot of UI and network activity with this app, so you’ll need to be rigorous to identify and catch possible failure modes to keep everything smooth. As ever, awesome user experience is what we’re after, so you’ll be working closely with experienced designers and an incredible lead architect and developer, and you’ll need to translate conversations and requirements into solid, beautiful code. You’ll need to learn fast.

Back-end developer. There are multiple servers that support this app, all interacting with one another. So you’ll need a good eye for Web services, both designing and implementing the protocols. Scaling and robustness are key, so you’ll be able to make a judgement about what we need and get the right solution. You’ll probably work with Rails, since this system is patterned on one we’ve just developed and we’d like to build on the same effort. You’ll need to go all the way from setting up staging and production servers and databases, to tools for deployment and ops, to rough and ready client-facing front-ends for managing content.

What I’ll be looking for, in both roles is…

  • experience. Have you done this before? We need to get this right with the minimum of iteration. Show me what you’ve done: we love working with people better than us.
  • London-based. We work better when we sit together. You’ll spend at least half your time in a small but busy design studio, with multiple big projects and certain kind of culture… you can get a picture of that from the weeknotes.
  • responsibility and team-work. You’ll need to take ownership of challenges and come up with solutions before other people even notice, and communicate and listen constantly so we’re all playing well together.

It’s short notice: starting in a week or so, for a two month contract.

Know anyone like this? Please pass this on!

Is this you? Get in touch! I’d like to be speaking with candidates late on Monday 8th, so drop me a line by the end of the weekend:

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