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Having slipped from Pulse Laser to Lazy Pulsar, occasionally twitching in the cosmos but not really shining very hard, I am going to write a post.

I had a really good time at Reboot 9.0 this year, never been before, but it was top drawer. My favourite discoveries were the brilliant David Smith and Tina Aspiala. Also good to catch up with old friends at the shiny and new Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. So in the spirit of the people, I sat in the talks, looking through the faces oscillating between laptop and speaker, and drew them. Some drawings went into Webb’s talk, my favourites are below, and the rest are in a Flickr set.

Reboot Sketch 01

I liked this guy’s glasses a lot.

Reboot Sketch 06

Reboot Sketch 04

Smart suit.

Reboot Sketch 10

This guy kept fidgeting and glancing between laptop and presenter.

After this:

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  • 1. Tim Beadle said on 3 July 2007...

    Mmm. The last one looks a little like Jason Fried…

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