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Load New Commander (Y/N)?

Here we are! First post! I’m Matt, Jack will be posting here too, and this is the new weblog from Schulze & Webb. We’ve called it Pulse Laser for various reasons and one of them is that we like Elite:

Elite Load New Commander

The screencap is snarfed from this collection of Elite screens and – fantastically – the Elite manual is also online. While we’re on the subject, the extract from Backroom Boys by Francis Spufford, on the coding of Elite back in 1982, is a great read. I like that the only correction to the article is the year in which Margaret Thatcher denied the existence of society.

Spaceships and politics!

We’ll also be talking about design, the new world of product, and interactions.

I wonder if this is the same first post that everybody makes?

Before this:

After this:

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  • 1. rodcorp said on 29 September 2006...

    If you ever wanted a lawyer, the kind you’d want would be one who had ported Elite to the Acorn back in the day. Mind you, Clive works at Olswang, so he’s super-expensive as well as being super-hardcore.

    (first comment!)

  • 2. Matt said on 5 October 2006...

    ooohhh this is good. glad you’ve got jack blogging. I hope it’s going to be like ‘duelling banjos’ I think this will make me blog again… but perhaps that would be like trying to join the duel with a dodgy stylophone.

  • 3. Tom said on 6 October 2006...

    It must be winter. People are spending more time inside, drawing and thinking and – hooray – blogging!

    Jones you should start a comic blog, I demand it.

  • 4. Neb said on 6 October 2006...

    it begins.

  • 5. Chris Mungbean said on 7 October 2006...

    Happy new blog, guys — looking forward to some splendid discourse (if interconnected ever had a comments mechanism, then I never discovered the spell that unlocks it).

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