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Holiday update

Hi folks. This is just a quick update to say thanks for the links, and to let you know that there are a couple of new write-ups of material explorations in the works.

This weblog has had a few links (I track it using Technorati and at the moment). It’s always good to see a link out there, and doubly so if there’s commentary or a question attached. Also I like to see what people draw out from what we’re writing.

So thank you Putting People First (Mark Vanderbeeken blogs about experience design and innovation) and Peter Hansen (blogging on user experience and innovation) who mentioned our personalisation angle (here and here).

And thanks too, Small Surfaces, which is a new-to-me blog on mobile user interaction and interaction design. Those are high-quality links, and I’m drawn particularly to these posts on Wabi Sabi and Simplicity and to an Adaptive Task-Based Interface for mobiles(see the mockup). Small Services mentioned our material focus, and how we’re looking at the wider effects of material.

The material aspect is also highlighted by Textually (in a post here), a blog about how mobile textile is used around the world. Influx Insights, a blog on trends and brands, begins by talking about material, and draws out our comments on local manufacture. Incidentally, I’d like to hear examples of locality influencing design in other manufacturing areas, if anybody knows of some.

Timo Arnall at IxD (digital design centre in Norway) mentioned Thinking Through Making in particular, which is good because I’ll be coming back to that soon.

A very different topic is brought up by Anne Galloway (sociology and anthropology, research blog) when she asks how everyday usage and luxury/status are related, or whether personalisation is for the many or the few? It’s not a simple question, and it’s something we’ve spent a fair amount of time discussing. Local manufacture is one type of personalisation, but so is bespoke high fashion. Given this has come up, I’ll attempt to pull together some comments and thoughts from a few people in the New Year.

Speaking of the holidays…

Coming up

I’m working on posts on the rubber and wood-turning material explorations, but it seems too close to the festive season to post them now. Instead, enjoy the quiet time on the Web and have a happy holiday!

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