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Announcing a little something

You should definitely check out our new product: Announcing Little Printer and BERG Cloud.

Available 2012.

More about Little Printer here.

I am over the moon!

Before this:

After this:

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  • 1. Alex said on 29 November 2011...

    Your main link is malformed. Just an FYI.

  • 2. Timo Arnall said on 29 November 2011...

    Thanks, fixed now.

  • 3. Yann said on 30 November 2011...

    Amazing product!
    Can’t wait to try the beta!!
    Great job guys

  • 4. Joerg said on 30 November 2011...

    Such a friendly helpful looking printer. I love the “preview” / smiley window – where you can get excited before you get the chance to rip off the print out. So whimsical. Well done!

  • 5. George Hammerton said on 30 November 2011...

    This is so super awesome and cute! I can’t wait to get one for home. :)

  • 6. Ed Stone said on 30 November 2011...

    I really am excited about this! Looking into doing a photography project on these personal technologies buts that another matter..

    Now imagine this technology applied to receipts! How often is the back just blank or full of something meaningless…

  • 7. Monique Alaniz said on 30 November 2011...

    Had two different people send me the Little Printer video from vimeo today, what a great project!

  • 8. Paul Morriss said on 1 December 2011...

    (Wot no Atom/RSS feed?)

    An API would be nice of course. Just in case you don’t deliver the weather how I’d like it.

  • 9. al said on 1 December 2011...

    “Blocked by mod_slotlimit. More information about this error may be available in the server error log.”

    I HATE it when that happens.

  • 10. Samuel Lopez said on 1 December 2011...

    Great idea, Great production, Great Cracks!

  • 11. Richard Booth said on 2 December 2011...

    Hearty congrats on the whole concept. Guess you never anticipated the scale of the twitterverse response. Still blazing 4 days since launch.

  • 12. Pierre-François Bonnefoi said on 2 December 2011...

    What a wonderful idea !
    I love the rendering of text and picture !
    Can’t believe that the print is so nice on such a simple paper.
    With inkjet printers ruling over every place despite the price of the ink cartridges, you get this incredibly clever idea to translate any data into a near free printing.
    The value is in the idea not the print !

  • 13. Janita said on 3 December 2011...

    Gosh I had a simplified version of this idea this year and did nothing about it- psyched to see it in production soon!

  • 14. Jaime Scatena said on 5 December 2011...

    Hi guys,
    I just loved the Little Printer!

    I’ve posted an article about it:


  • 15. Mike Doherty said on 9 December 2011...

    Excellent little product and I can’t wait to try it.

    Are there plans for intigrating it with the newly announced Google Currents?

  • 16. Paul Morriss said on 8 March 2012...

    I had an idea this morning for how I’d use it when there’s an API. I’d create a twitter bot for my shopping list. When I think of something I tweet the bot. When I tweet “print” to the bot it prints out a list of every tweet I’ve sent it since the last print, which is then my shopping list.

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