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Are you an iOS developer in London?

There’s no particular project quite yet, but we’re talking with a number of people about iPhone and iPad work. More than we can handle with our usual crew if it all comes in.

So I want to expand our iOS developers network!

If you develop for iPhone or iPad, and would be interested in working with BERG on short or longer contracts, please do get in touch to introduce yourself, and we’ll keep your details on file. London-or-nearby folks only… we’re a tight-knit studio, and we really like it when people working together are sitting in the same room.

Email Nick at nl at berglondon dot com and please include your CV, a list of apps in the App Store and what you did on them (bonus points if you were the sole developer), and the name of the coolest app installed on your iPhone. (My current favourites are calvetica and Little Uzu.)

And we’ll keep you in mind whenever something comes up!

Recruiters: we’re happy to hear from you, but please ensure your candidates would be cool with contract work, and that you include their answers to the extra questions above. Thanks.

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