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The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Interaction Design

We’re making our trip to San Francisco in a few days, and speaking at Yahoo! at the end of next week. But if you’d like to catch a public variation of that same presentation, the evening rather than the matinée version if you will, read on…

Sound of Music opening scene

Adaptive Path are generously hosting us on the evening of Tuesday 30 January for a talk about:

How a new generation wants social, creative, networked products, and how design can help not by identifying tasks to be productively performed, but experiences to be deepened and made fun. All told through some of our favourite things, and a series of increasingly tenuous references to The Sound of Music.

The talk is called The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Interaction Design and, if you’re coming, you should sign up at the event page. See you there!

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  • 1. john Bird said on 7 February 2007...

    je trouve votre blog très passionnant même si il est un peu difficile a lire pour moi (je suis français).
    J’epère que vous allez continuer !

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