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Making Future Magic

BERG was commissioned by Dentsu London, the creative communications agency, to explore the theme of 'Making Future Magic'.

Dentsu London has a strategy of ‘Making Future Magic’ a set of priorities to make ‘creative work that is contributory and sensible to its culture and environment; to be exploratory and sensitive with regard to materials and media and to wonder what magical visions of the future of media might look like.’ We made a film with them to explore this statement.

Watch the film and read the background here!

Light painting meets stop-motion animation

The work uses a photographic technique we’ve developed, through long exposures we record an iPad moving through space to make three-dimensional forms in light.

First, we generate models, and three-dimensional typography, objects and animations in software. We render a cross section of these models, like virtual CAT scans to generate changing outlines of the forms. We play these back on the surface of the iPad as movies and move them through space to extrude forms into long exposure photographs. The 3D forms are part of animations, so each long exposure still becomes a single image in a stop frame animation.

We’ve compiled the best stills from the film into a print-on-demand Making Future Magic book which you can buy for £32.95/$59.20. (Or get the softcover for £24.95/$44.20.)


Film: Timo Arnall, Jack Schulze, Campbell Orme.

Music: Matt Brown.

Sound mixing: Liam Paton and Andy Theakstone / Resonate.

Strategy: Beeker Northam, Matt Jones, Jack Schulze.

Thanks to Canon.

Responses and media

Dentsu London, who commissioned the film, have written more about Future Magic and the project.

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