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Products Are People Too

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I understand it’s conventional to begin these things by saying who I am, so here’s a slide about that.

I’m Matt Webb. I worked with the Web and social software for a bunch of years, then somehow ended up co-writing a book about how the brain works. This is it, Mind Hacks, and that’s the Japanese translation.

Now I have a design consultancy called Schulze & Webb. There are two of us. You might have guessed the other guy is called ‘Schulze.’ It’s a gag name. Those other pictures are projects we’ve done. One is a project for Nokia looking at mobile phone customisation. It’s a phone cast in metal which melts at a really low temperature, so you can easily change the form. The other project is a USB puppet that indicates presence of your IM buddies.

We work in the area of user experience. We help people have feature ideas for their products, and show them how to put those into practice.

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June 25, 2007

This presentation puts forward an approach to product design which emphasises experience and stories, and is called Products Are People Too. It was originally delivered in June 2007 as the closing keynote to reboot 9.0.