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[Image source: The Bryan Times, 12 July 1969]

It’s the anniversary of the moon landing. The Eagle landed about a month shy of 40 years ago today. A magnificent thing.

How much effort did it take? This is a newspaper article from the time, talking about one part of it.

“More than 300,000 Americans, working for 20,000 corporations all over the nation, took part in the $23.9 billion effort. Just one key decision alone – settling on the method of going to the moon – required more than a million man-hours of technical study.”

So let’s say the moon landing was on the order of a hundred million man-hours.

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June 25, 2009

Scope opened reboot11 in Copenhagen (themed 'action'), June 2009, by introducing Thackara's concept of the macroscope, asking how society should spend 100 million hours, and inspiring participation.

There is a video available.
Read from the beginning.