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Products Are People Too

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Image: MacBook Pro Unpacking photoset by *nathan, via

Apple’s good design for experience hooks is well known.

Unboxing is a threshold we cross with most products, though it’s rarely celebrated enough.

I found this Flickr photo set from a website which does know how to celebrate the experience, is a site which recognises the importance of the threshold, and that people want to celebrate this experience hook somehow. They post people’s unboxing stories, in the form of photographs.

There’s something quite pornographic about the way the polystyrene is photographed. And tantalising about the way the plug and power cord are shot just before they’re plugged in. It works because it’s meaningful—because they’ve paid attention to this experience hook, we know – we assume – they’ve paid attention to it all.

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June 25, 2007

This presentation puts forward an approach to product design which emphasises experience and stories, and is called Products Are People Too. It was originally delivered in June 2007 as the closing keynote to reboot 9.0.