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[Image source: Alex Reisner’s Chernoff Faces for baseball stats]

Munari’s faces make me think of these, which are algorithmically generated. They’re called Chernoff Faces, and I was shown these by my friend and the other principal at my business, a fellow named Matt Jones.

What they do is algorithmically distort faces to display complex statistics. These ones are of baseball stats. Hits is eye and nose height. Home runs is width. And the hair and the smile is the win percentage.

You can see St. Louis did really well here.

Okay, you still need the key, you still need to know what corresponds to what. But when you’re looking for something – a face with really big eyes – it jumps out at you in a way it doesn’t jump out of that table.

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June 25, 2009

Scope opened reboot11 in Copenhagen (themed 'action'), June 2009, by introducing Thackara's concept of the macroscope, asking how society should spend 100 million hours, and inspiring participation.

There is a video available.
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