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From Pixels to Plastic

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Everywhere i go online, I’m asked to make choices. Choices such as assigning a bug to a developer, or moderating email, or buying or rejecting a recommended book.

I like making those choices.

But I have to go all over the web to make this choices. I have to shine the light of my web browser on all these different sites, individually, in order to do the tiny thing that i want to be.

Why couldn’t a machine do this for me?

Well, we had this exact same issue with blogs and news. And so RSS was invented, to syndicate text into the same place, so we could do the bit we really wanted to – reading – without doing the shining-the-light bit.

Why don’t we do the same thing with these choices? I call this RSS-I, RSS for interaction.

It’s basically an RSS reader for dialog boxes. All the streams of decisions you want to make are pulled to the same place, where you can deal with them simply.

Could somebody build this for me please?

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March 25, 2007

This presentation is on Generation C and why to work with physical products, and is called From Pixels to Plastic. It was originally delivered in March 2007 at ETech 2007.