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Media Surfaces: The Journey

The Journey is the second part of our exploration of Media surfaces with ‘Media Surfaces’ – this time looking at the panoply of screens and media surfaces on journeys, and the opportunities that could come from looking at them slightly differently.

The film deals with the journey as the content and the context for experiencing media – we’re examining how what we know about the journey – and the train itself, in some cases – can pervade the media surfaces involved in ways that are at once a little less ‘utilitarian’ and a little more, well, ‘useful’…

The first group of interventions could be characterised as the station wrapping around you, helping you get to your seat, on your train, for your journey, with some small but delightful changes in the surfaces that you might glance at on the way. The second set of interventions are about the train itself as a character in your journey, letting you know about its history, the journey itself, and what we might see on the way.

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