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From Pixels to Plastic

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Image is an animation in the live presentation.

Imagine my robot arm lamp being fixated on part of the paper I’m working on, and always craning its neck to get a better view.

I could work on a drawing without ever getting a shadow on what I’m working on. I wouldn’t have to be continually adjusting my lamp.

What this makes me realise is that there are many repeated tasks in my life that could benefit from as much automation as possible.

There are loads of situations where there’s only one tiny bit that I care about – making the mark on the paper, in this case – but robots could take care of all the rest.

Let’s reduce this to a really pragmatic case: All the choices I’m asked to make all over the internet.

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March 25, 2007

This presentation is on Generation C and why to work with physical products, and is called From Pixels to Plastic. It was originally delivered in March 2007 at ETech 2007.