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Illustration from Drawing Olinda, Jack Schulze.

Let me show you how Schulze uses that playful, exploratory side in design in his own work. I’ll show you a bit of process to get started.

We designed a radio, gosh, last year, maybe the year before that, and Jack used this process of drawing and evolution to reveal what the form could be.

There’s a process involved. You draw your radio in different contexts. So here you can see he’s drawn kitchen implements, and there’s a radio drawn specifically like it’s hanging in a kitchen. And there’s one in the top right where the radio is sold in a shop. So it looks like a carton.

And then you cross breed. Well, it’s easier to see in this picture…

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October 08, 2009

Escalante opened Web Directions South in Sydney, October 2009, and hikes through fanufacture, science fiction, social capital, cybernetics, and Neptune.

There is a podcast available.
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